Pampered Pooch Place About US

Hello, My name is Patricia and I would like to welcome you to Pampered Pooch Place! Thank you for stopping by and checking out our furry services.

I would like to take the time and tell you a little bit about myself. I am an avid animal lover with a passion for taking care of pets of all shapes and sizes. Whether they are dogs, cats, birds, you name them, I love them! My love for animals began when I was just a young girl, and I have not stopped enjoying the company of animals since. Which is why I decided to get into this business.

I have over 15 years experience in taking care of animals. Whether they are perfectly healthy, or sick and need special attention, I can work with you and your pet to give the best care possible. I am also an experienced dog walker who loves taking dogs out for strolls during the morning, afternoon or evening. You can contact me if you are interested in my dog walking services. I gurantee your dog will be in the most loving and caring of hands.



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