Pet Veterinarian Services in Astoria NY
Professional Pet Veterinarians

At Pampered Pooch Place, we are not just about making your best friend look good on the outside or offering a warm and caring place to board. We care about what is inside your pooch. We care because we know, just like humans, if your loved one is not feeling well and healthy, it could be a sign of something more serious. Or, it could be a minor situation. Either way, we do not take chances and guess about what may be going on with your child. That’s right, we recognize that your dog or pet is akin to a child, and when your child is sick, you want them to get better as quickly as possible. And because you are a part of our family, we feel better when your pet feels better. That is why we offer flexible, and comprehensive veterinarian services to help the whole family feel great by keeping your pooch healthy and happy. Below are some of the many advantages of using our veterinarian services.

Highly Trained, Certified, and Experienced

As your trusted neighborhood veterinarians, we establish a personal connection with both you and your pet. We take the utmost care to ensure our veterinarians are well trained, certified, and experienced. In fact, we stay up to date with the latest technologies and trends in veterinarian services so we can offer top-notch care. Sure, we may not be able to x-ray your pet with an iPhone just yet, but we have many ways to treat both common and not so common illnesses.


We are flexible. No really, you should see us do the splits. All joking aside, we offer a couple options for care. We can speak to you on the phone, or face-time if you prefer, to clearly explain to you what is going on with your little buddy. From there, we can offer suggestions and come up with a treatment plan, which can include prescription medications. We will properly diagnose your pet’s health to understand what the problem is, do a physical exam, and come up with the best course of treatment. And, as on the phone, if immediate care is needed, we will not hesitate to take action. At Pampered Pooch, any choice we make about your child’s health is always in their best interest. Think of us as a throwback to the time when doctors made house calls. We will do whatever it takes within our power to give your pooch or pet the best possible care because we really care.

Preventative Care

Just like you need to get a physical on a routine basis and get your teeth checked every so many months, animals also need routine care. We provide this to keep your pet as healthy as he or she can be as well as to catch anything early that may occur as part of the natural course of a pet’s life. At Pampered Pooch, we are aware of the importance of routine care. When you bring your little guy or gal in for a routine visit, we will examine your pet as carefully as if it were you on our table. We will take any needed x-rays or blood samples and promptly let you know the results as soon as we have them available. If dental care is needed, we can take care of that too. Moreover, we will provide any routine shots or recommend any routine medications or treatments and take the time to answer any questions you have or listen to and address any of your concerns. And, if you and your pet are well behaved, we will give you both a treat and a sticker for a job well done! That is free, of course. There are no hidden costs with us. We value transparency in our practice.

Overnight Observation

We make all efforts to care for your pet so you can take him or her home with you that day. Unfortunately, sometimes we have to board your pet overnight for observation, especially after certain surgeries or procedures. At Pampered Pooch, we realize that separation can cause anxiety to both you and your pet. We also know you may not rest easy wondering how your best friend is doing. That is why we take care to provide the best overnight experience for both of you.

For your pet, we will allow them to have anything you want to leave with them, such as a blanket or favorite toy. In addition, your baby is never, ever left alone. We have trained staff who are there to care for your little one all night. This includes, but is not limited to, keeping their space clean, attending to medical needs as prescribed by the veterinarian who is treating your loved one, and keeping them company. As for you, we welcome your phone call or visit if it is an extended stay. We will also reach out to you as the need arises. We only ask that you take some things into consideration when choosing to visit. There are some times, and we will advise you, when visiting is not in the best interest of your pet’s care. We know this is a sensitive subject, and we take the utmost care to ensure we balance the needs of your pet with your need to stay informed.

Going to the veterinarian can be a nerve racking time. It can cause anxiety for your pet as well as you. We do everything in our power to make every animal and human’s experience as positive as possible. Realizing life throws us all curveballs when it comes to health, we have the necessary experience and knowledge to handle and care for the unexpected twists and turns. In addition, we are here to help with routine care and educate you on your pet’s needs. When you use our veterinarian services, you can rest easy knowing you are coming to a place where the staff values personal relationships that translate to tailored personal care. Stop by to visit us or call to make an appointment today so you and your pet can experience the Pampered Pooch difference.