Pet Grooming in Astoria NY
Pet Grooming Services

Regardless of the type of pet you have at home, regular grooming is necessary and important. From Abyssinian's to poodles, every pet needs quality grooming care to maintain good health and happiness. The most fundamental aspect of effective pet grooming should begin with an ordinary wash followed by brushing. More necessary and advanced steps in several cases, include coat clipping and nail trimming to name a few.

BATHING YOUR PET :-A basic cat or dog bath will really help to eradicate excess dirt and oil that can accumulate or build up on the animal's coat. Some animals can tolerate a bath better than others. Always ensure to pay attention to any warning signs of distress that can make the animal feel uncomfortable. Always make sure to use suitable shampoos and conditioners for each animal when bathing your pet to avoid skin irritation.

BRUSHING OR COMBING YOUR PET:- The act of brushing or combing your pet's coat is important to inhibiting mats and tangles. Brushing will removes excess fur and hair that can prevent the underneath skin of your pet to breathe effectively. Whenever you wish to buy a brush or comb for your pet, you need to pay close attention to the most suitable size and style that will be appropriate for your pet based on his hair mass.

NAIL TRIMMING :-This is one of the most demanding aspects of basic pet grooming, and by paying full attention to details and making use of the appropriate tools will simplify this challenge and achieve excellent results. If nail clipping frightens you, or your pet doesn't tolerate you handling its paws, you need to hire an experienced pet groomer to perform these services. A good pet groomer will also be able to help you with effective coat clipping as most breeds of animals have specific styles or cuts that will best accommodate their body shape and make them look appealing to people.

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Why Pampered Pooch?

At Pampered Pooch Place, we offer a complete complement of grooming services all at affordable prices. Our staff is professionally trained and are certified pet groomers that will provide the utmost care and pampering for your pet. Every groomer on staff is well trained and experienced in handling dogs and cats of different sizes and breeds. We will treat your lovable companion as if they are our own.

We always follow and meet the standard 7-point check and provide complete and personalized attention to each pet to ensure that all services are provided with ease. We make sure that every appointment you make with us will be treated as personal as possible so that you can attain complete satisfaction!