Pet Boarding Services in Astoria NY
Pet Grooming Services

Dogs are a man’s best friend, and this is for a very good reason. We know that our dogs keep us company, can lower our blood pressure, help with depression, and help us get some exercise. But, more than that, they are family, and at Pampered Pooch Place, we recognize this fact. When you bring your pooch or any pet to us for boarding, you are not leaving them with a stranger. You are leaving them with your extended family, us! We offer many comprehensive pet boarding services to ensure that when your pet stays at our top notch boarding facility, they get the same pampering you enjoy on your vacation. Stop by our Astoria, Queens location and find out more.

Play Time

Animals, especially puppies, need to socialize just like humans. When you leave your pets with us, we make sure they do not sit in a lonely and dark cage all day with nothing to do. We offer playtime for your babies to ensure that they get some time to catch up with their fellow boarders. Think of it as a hostel for your pet. But don’t worry, our experts know how to group animals by size, type, and temperament so they will get the most out of their play time. We have a wide range of toys and a large area for your pets to roam free and stretch their legs.

Constant Supervision

At Pampered Pooch Place, we know that if you had your way, you would keep an eye on your little guy or girl all day long. We know some pet owners even set up nanny cams to watch their pooches while at work. You can rest easy knowing that when you leave your loved one with us, they never go unsupervised. That’s right, we keep a constant close eye on your special one to ensure that if your pet, or a situation arises that needs special attention, we are on it right away.


Just like you have that favorite blanket or cup to drink from, we realize that your family member has their favorite items they cannot live without. We also know that dogs are positively affected by your scent. This is important, as we want your canine to feel as if you are there with them and as close to home as possible. Keeping them feeling safe and secure is our top priority, and one way we do that is to personalize your animal’s experience. We allow you to leave toys, blankets, or anything else that is safe to make your baby feel at home and as if you are with them in spirit. In addition, if your pet has a specific dietary need or other special something you want us to cater to, we will. One of our goals is, to the best of our abilities, not disrupt what your pet is used to.

Veterinarian Care

If you get sick on vacation, you will seek medical help. If your sweetheart gets sick when they are with us, we will provide top notch Veterinarian. From a minor bump to a stomach bug, we will do what it takes to keep your pooch or pet healthy and comfortable. Rest easy knowing we have your animal’s medical health covered.

Oh Boy, Walk Time!

Every dog’s favorite time of the day is the walk. Say that word or show them the leash and you would think a bag of treats fell open on the floor. When you leave your dog with us, we take them for many walks during the course of their day. We ensure they get to see the most beautiful vistas and experience the most pleasant smells. We make sure not to rush the experience, but let them stop and literally smell the roses. Plus, we clean up any mess. While we are walking your four legged friend, we may even pick up the pace and sneak some extra exercise in. Who knows, maybe one of the pooches will volunteer to lead a yoga class or two!


Pets can experience separation anxiety just like humans. At Pampered Pooch, we know how hard it can be for you and your pet to be apart. That is why we stay in touch with you. Should anything arise while you are away, we will call. We may just call to see how your travel is going. More importantly, if you want to know how your pet is doing, call us and we will let you know and see if they are not too busy having fun to bark at you on the phone.

Glamour Time

When you look good, you feel good. What can also groom your dog while boarding with us if you choose that option. Our highly skilled groomers will discuss grooming options with you and groom your pooches’ fur and nails to your specifications or the recommended ones for your dog’s bread. In addition, we will gladly wash your canine in the process. Plus, we only use the best fur-care products!

Are you still thinking about whether to board your pooch with us? We are a long standing, and trusted business in the community. Ask around, visit us to check out our work in action, or give us a call to learn more. Do not hesitate to book your boarding dates now because spots fill up quickly!